Dewald on June 26, Please tell me that in GSoC students are wasting their time on this – if any of the core Blender devs are as well, I’m switching to something else. The links are in the BlenderArtists thread. And no… there is no multitouch support. The Unity player has a relatively simple Python coding base, somewhat similar to blender.

blenderplayer android

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BlenderPlayer for Android – BlenderNation

Playing around with blenderplayer for android Game Engine. Sorry, there is no Android support at this time, and probably not ever. Pity my budget Android is not going to run this. Your work will possibly open the doors for blenderheads to create games for android using Blender Game Engine. Unity is a great engine, but I tried it and turned back to Blender.

Maybe doable with a tablet, but with a phone it would be ridiculous. Blender GUI also worked great. And no… there is no multitouch support. I know that this is not ideal, but androod not as bad as you make it sound in my opinion.


Today i blenderplxyer only render a mesh and move androiid with mouse but it’s a good start! Or Remote Desktop with your own PC.

Sure, just let me improve the screen controls, they are very tricky to use at this time. I always thought that so long as your. It is pretty simple when you learn blenverplayer, though. After Adobe Flash’s workflow of getting an app to android output a usable. I suppose it could, to some extent, possibly have some semblance of usefulness for game demos blenderplajer concept games, but since the BGE is infected with the GPL virus, anything created with it has to be released under the GPL.

blenderplayer android

Sign up to join this community. DownshiftDX on June 27, Wait until it display frame placing, just click and wait until it in. If nothing happen, you can uninstall and install again.

Also disable shadings notes except for “Lights” and “Shaders”. Ton Roosendaal on June 27, Blenddrplayer can share your code while not sharing the artwork — and the artwork would be substantial for a typical game.

And Dalai is a core developer BTW. People use the BGE so that they can make a game using Blender.


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As soon as you use another engine with its own editor, you have the job of learning and mastering two primary tools i. Email Required, but never shown. Whats the point of learning to use Blender game engine if you cant develop games ifor the most promising platforms?

And last but not least; it gives me something to show-off on parties.

BlenderPlayer APK Download by | Android APK

Works in Progress and Game Demos. Nico Engelbrecht on December 9, Zander Nicolic on June 27, P But yeah I had to use a webcam, hard to get a good hold of it. When the install finished click at the wall screen and select exit STEP 7: Do you know Momo?

blenderplayer android

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