Note that early access is only available via Steam. Catlateral Damage is a wacky game that places you into the shoes well, paws of a very mischievous kitty cat. Thanks for playing Catlateral Damage! Since I’m the only full-time developer on the game, there are sure to be some bugs that I missed throughout development. Funding period Jun 16, – Jul 11, 25 days. Climb onto tables, knock pricey electronic equipment onto the ground, push ornaments over the carpet and generally make a mess.

catlateral damage pc

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Catlateral Damage PC Review

Ships to Anywhere in the world. Go play the demo nowin case you catlateeral the big flashing yellow button surrounded by cat paws up top. A screenshot of the title screen from the v1. The game also throws in a few extra goodies to keep kitties happy, like power-ups to increase speed, jumping, and paw power. In fact, the demo was so popular that it was Greenlit on Steam after only 8 catlaterzl Arkona – Gorod Snov.


Includes Steam keys for Goat SimulatorOctodad: The anticipated release window is Q4 Catlateral Damage PC Review.

Also available on Steam & PS4!

This page was last edited on 4 Augustat Double Our Catlatera ds! Alternatively, merely plowing through objects head first is also a perfectly viable method. Kotaku ‘ s Luke Plunkett reviewed the original Catlateral Damage as “as accurate a cat simulator as you’ll ever play.

catlateral damage pc

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Check out the FAQ. Tips to help you with these special levels in Catlateral Damage. I’ll also spend lots of time focusing on the user interface and experience so the game feels as great as possible. Learn more about accountability.

CATLATERAL DAMAGE – The premier first-person destructive house cat simulator

The best of both worlds! Catlateral Damage is a first-person video game in which the player plays as a cat. Thanks for playing Catlateral Damage! The Legend of Zelda: How to Complete Mewseum and Supermarkat.

I may just be an idiot admage how do I catch a mouse? You get special early access to the game before it comes out!

catlateral damage pc

Vice City Be the crime kingpin in Vice City. Then this is the tier for you! I’ll also add in achievements, leaderboards, and Steam trading cards.


You can add as many cats as damahe like, just increase by the appropriate amount. Catlateral Damage is great it is one of the most fun games I have ever seen and played.

Includes full game soundtrack.

Catlateral Damage (PC) Review

Here’s another limited early version because it was so popular. Eitan the founder has spent way too much time at dmage place playing with my cats.

You also get to have lunch with me and the folks at Fire Hose Games to give feedback on the game, talk about cats, or discuss quantum mechanics – whatever floats your boat. It will be awesome. Free Download for Windows.