Snipe – Cooldown cutter now level ??? Juliet’s Pendant Changed from 20 Alcadno Marbles to Originally Posted by Nexon. Monsters in and EXP obtained from this party quest scale to your level. The ‘Q’ button opens the Quest List, which displays the available quests in the area you’re viewing. Stay tuned for the update notes to get more details. Mihile Enduring Spirit — Persist:

maplestory v137

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maplestory v137

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Break the amethysts and have each member of the party equip the Protector Rock earrings that drop.

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The special rewards now have lower requirements. The new area is accessed through the Gate to the Future. There are five stages.

maplestory v137

Revealing Hidden Potential Items can now be identified by clicking on the magnifying glass button in your item maplesttory, then clicking on the equipment.

Equipment Scrolling and Enhancement Appraisal: Level 3 Link Skills Along with the higher level mapleetory, several characters’ link skills will now go up to level 3 when they reach level Retrieving the Union Key – Repeatable, and randomly rewards one of the following: One member of the party must have a Teleport ability for the party to complete the PQ.


Party quests have been edited due to player concerns regarding the value of some of their rewards versus the the value of EXP rewards from repeated party quest completion.

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Depending on what color the Kaleido-Spinner lands on you will be rewarded a corresponding Kaleido-Spinner Box. The Appraisal fee maplewtory inversely proportional to the level of your Insight trait. Therefore, the HP of the monsters have been adjusted so they match with other monsters from a similar level.

These items come with hidden Potential stats, and they are untradeable. Upon the player’s arrival, they are invited to check out the park, and view the show at the Fantasy Crittertorium. You can hide the quest icons on the left side of your game window.

There’s a higher level cap, new areas for adventure, updated regions to explore, and more! You’ll still be able to access your farm through the game menu, or through your Character Info window. If a row of skills requires scrolling to see all of the skills in it, arrows will appear on the sides of the row. You are commenting using your Google account. Results 1 to mapledtory of After making some modifications to ensure it doesn’t conflict with the current guild system, we’ve brought it back with the same naplestory, as you requested.

Reward 2×2 Bit-Case Squishy Mushroom: The following 3 users give a about this post 66alex66CelanEvirtuaNexus. User Interface Several parts of the UI have been remodeled, including updated designs for the equipment, item, and skill inventories, the character stat menu, the world map, and the tooltips for skills and items.


Max Damage set to: One of your party will need to sacrifice himself or herself to allow the rest of the party to proceed to the boss fight.

The level requirement of Singapore and Malaysia maps have increased significantly. Does anyone have numbers for how insight lowers appraisal costs? There are special taste-burning monsters and special bosses who will try to ruin the meal; you must defeat them. All of this and more will arrive on June 19!

maplestory v137

Mapestory names will appear in pop-up with hovering over an icon, however. The means jobs and characters that were previously capped at can now climb even higher! Monsters outside of the haunted house are now Lv. Ghostwood Stumpy is the boss monster.