Also if your going to test your ram do I really have to remove the second one? The latest version is 1. Hello and welcome to Techspot. All other post will be erased. Free, with no usage restrictions See license page for Pro and Site Edition licensing details.

memtest64 iso

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I’m thinking of letting it run overnight or something. Run memtest at least 7 times for a thorough test.

Tutorial: How to use Memtest

Fiddle if you want to, but don’t ask me what they do. Corrupted data, crashes and unexplained behaviour. TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. What if I want to run the test overnight? Free, with no usage restrictions See license page for Pro and Site Edition licensing details.

MemTest64 – Memory Stability Tester

Don’t forget donations are very welcome, but by no means required. MemTest86 is the original, free, stand alone memory testing software for x86 computers. It should also be noted that completing 7 passes is going to take a VERY long time with large sticks of RAM, even with ddr2 or better and a fast processor. Insert a blank floppy disk into the floppy drive, then enter the letter of the drive usually the letter a then follow the prompts.


Texts about the original version was taken from the original website and written by Chris Brady. I have come to the point of running the test but I dont actually know how to run it or which program to run it with? Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. The PassMark Management Console Web server application allows test system informationtest status and test result information to be managed centrally for MemTest86 tests. Simply point to the memtest.

memtest64 iso

You can try another new set of RAM if you wish as per comment abovebut you should now be focusing on finding out if it is a windows problem since this test runs pre-windows boot or other hardware related problem.

Its maybe a little to late to post but.

memtest64 iso

Unfortunatly, the original memtest v3. Already have an account? The latest version is 1. Most common example would be mixed and matched RAM, where both test out OK but when put together won’t let your system boot etc.

I have not yet to try 7times I only finished one loop. There is also menus, infos and things you can change inside the program. Some others are under-powered systems etc. It will take a while. Burn the ISO to disc this is an image, that will be extracted to a disc 2. The test algorithms have been developed for over 20 years, with the origin of MemTest86 going back to Some good information about RAM and the do’s and don’ts from Tedster can be read from here: If you pay attention to the bank or block sequence when you get an error, you can tell which sticks have failed.


Do you already have an account? Memttest64, I decided to display some useful settings for the most popular chipsets. If you use Dual channel or multiple sticks of RAM, take all of them out so you have just the one plugged into the primary slot. Hi, sorry if this seems noobish, is a memtest still relevant if I’m using a laptop? I mean doing memtest it should be one ram at a time??