Flaming or offending other users Illegal activities: On second photo same thing plus the last rightmost digit of the datestamp is perfectly clear. Photoshop is overkill, esp. The main toolbar has tabs for different categories such as for Photos, Videos, De-dupe, Migrate, and Accounts; functions for each category can be done by selecting the corresponding tab. However from my first brief attempts I have doubts about whether this is what is happening.

picasa remo xp

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They looked to me just as formidable to start on, to get into, as Photoshop which I had at least made a start on and that had some understandable locateable instructions even if following then didn’t seem to do anything. Great that you have managed to resolve your issue in the end!

picasa remo xp

For some it would be sufficient to make them unobtrusive, for some I might prefer total removal of dates info if possible. Usually I hadn’t, it was just for photos over a certain period.

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It has all of picada good stuff from Rejo but leaves out the things that only a professional would want. I guess we did not state it strong enough.

I did not see it mentioned but does the info include the serial number of the camera making it traceable back to the buyer? I think it is the habit of sloppy descriptions like this not taking into account the user that some of us newbies will be newbies all our lives like me and grandma will not buy or use a computer.


I got a Nikon S about a year ago. Advertisements or commercial links. It is a web application that aims to provide a single hub for accessing your photos which are zp on different websites.

They were informative and somewhat helpful. Thank you all who answered. Do not panic, take it slow, step by step, learn from errors.

On second photo same thing plus the last rightmost digit of the datestamp is perfectly clear.

Photo date and time removal quick fix? – September – Forums – CNET

Post by mwooge Feb 11 is the simplest way to avoid the problem in the first place. Seems you need to wade through quite a lot of stuff about brushes etc. Presumably everything that was photographed and then overlaid on the pic by datestamp is recovered in the first case.

Related downloads PicBackMan 1. Promote cracked software, or other illegal content Offensive: I see my corrected photo is ipcasa the file by the side of the uncorrected one. What do you recommend for someone not yet into editing as immediate quick fix? Sorry, no tutorial, just a title I find a bit handy.

So my question now is – if I want to eliminate this EXIFS data from every photo say in a copied file of a file without doing it one by one, how can I do it?


picasa remo xp

I downloaded this IrfanView. It even assists in uploading photos on your personal cloud storage accounts including Box.

Nikon’s instruction manual told me there is no way to remove them from the photo. I would not say they were the quick fixes I was looking for. Other EXIF-removing utilities get mentioned there, but I think you will be rejo off sticking with the devil you know already.

A bit rough that though. I tried it, I could find no instructions and I couldn’t load my pic files into Exifcleaner onscreen thingies. Simply opening a picture in it, then choosing Save As, will rmeo up a detailed menu with options remmo saving. I agree with several who said it is better not to have the datestamp there in the first place unless you have a particular reason.

I only solved the problem when my son not living here who must have put Photoshop on the computer in the first place came picawa showed me. If a camera puts its serial number in the EXIF data, and you have registered the camera with the manufacturer, the manufacturer can cross reference your camera’s photos with your name and address. I did start to look at other programmes mentioned.