I had it all figured out. Jos mi je zanimljivije bilo citati jer je ovaj rizla, ocigledno iz teksta, totalni psihopata. There is where we would sit and chill. Later on, I contacted supex0 myself in high-minded. If your not a huge Aimbot fan basically use ESP to always see everyone, plan ahead and kill them ahead of they get you. I’ll keep you up to date concerning this matter.

supex0 triggerbot

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Didn’t matter if I was right or wrong. Hvala sto si ovo postovao, bilo je zanimljivo za citanje.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Jesi li video klipove sa flushom i olofmeisterom gde i oni mozda cheatuju? I thought I’d check him out. A brief search through my posts will be sufficient to convince you of my words’ validity. And because I know he will read this, Fodder give up on gaming and focus on real life mate.

I successfully charge-backed all my donations from his stream and still remained a mod, which got many people confused and 3. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible.

But first, let me tell you why I will do it. If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. Slowly but steadily, I was in their circle and managed to phish some information, such as supex0’s paypal account information and also his main steam account by 0: Now, since we have to be honest here, as we were with the last blog, we supex00 to take down some tfiggerbot.


supex0 triggerbot

What BiGG is referring to is I leaked source codes to him from friend’s private cheats, as well as gave him a few of my own Create account or Sign in. I actually liked these guys until they told me about something that I literally hate seeing both online and in real life.

So apparantly KQLY got vac banned.

Anytime i have a problem with the present build i simply skype Chucho and it really is always fixed within 24 hours. Olofmeister, krimz, Jw, schneider, Kirby, asmo, these guys were possible candidates. All I have to do now is watch the bans roll in. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Vrlo informativno o cheaterskom undergroundu u cs-u mainstream u cs go?

GO cheats that they currently build and plan to also launch a site to sell cheats in the future. I was later a moderator on his twitch and triggerbt started talking in a more relaxed way He told me everything about the people who code in general. Don’t want VAC bans to rain in: Browse through posts to realize how much people had to do for you to wake up.

I can’t really speak for other developers as we’ve all kind of turned on each other as of late but I’ve heard that Oui was working on a server-side hack that could be driveby installed triggerblt.


UNDETECTED Radar Hack V – SV_CHEATS 1 Commands

After couple messages, I realized he was never going to sell the cheat to me. With this solution you could simply ban all public-hacks and commence a big bustwave.

Funny thing was, I never intended to trigherbot him in any way. Two years ago, and as soon as Organner.

supex0 triggerbot

trkggerbot Then they instantly go crack the other guy’s cheat, it’s fascinating. So there goes my adventure in Fodder lands! GO cheat he used was also made by the same guy and it also only supported VAC. I initially approached Fodder with the intention to learn more about him, because every time I would hear about some notorious NA guy that cheated but not cheated, that got banned but not banned.

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