You can set up phone book entries if you like. Telix is a telecommunications program originally written for DOS by Colin Sampaleanu and released in Here’s a screenshot of the seutp screen. The version I’m hosting here is 0. Google is your friend. On October 10, in the release note for Telix 3.

telix 3.51

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Feel free to hack them for your use, just give credit where it’s due. Telix is a telecommunications program originally written for DOS by Colin Sampaleanu and released in Gathering Components First step was to dig up my old Telemate disks.

Easiest way to get connected is to just type the dial command, but use a hostname instead of a phone number. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Telix Communications

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Additionally, I usually setup some macros, tepix the scroll back buffer, etc If you come across anything exciting that makes this easier or better, e-mail me and I’ll add it to the page. Once it’s closed you need to configure two things. I’ve provided 35.1 to v4. You can tailor this however you want: The first is the folder for your “DOS C: The only thing you should change is go to COM Parameter and change Baud Rate to unless you’re feeling nostalgic and want it to be slower!


Index of /pub/ms-dos

These versions have been tested with this method and work: Google is your friend. Depending on your OS, you need to create a folder on your drive AND put one of the following lines here. If you can’t remember the command is ATDT number and then hit enter.

telix 3.51

Drive” and the second is the modem. On October 10, in the release note for Telix 3. The Windows version suffered from a variety teilx problems, including delays in publication it was a complete rewrite by a new author, in Turbo Pascal for Windows, rather than the original Can unpopular attempt at copy protection and the World Wide Web ‘s impact on bulletin board systems.

telix 3.51

There are also other terminal programs below. Then type TM and hit enter, the first time you launch it you will get a “setup” screen. A copy of Telemate v4. Here’s a screenshot of the seutp screen. That being said, it’s very easy to setup if you can follow directions Here are two links, to 3.5 versions of Telemate.


telix 3.51

Now, switch to the C drive and change to the TM directory: Teoix strengths included a fast built-in version of the Zmodem file transfer protocolrather than needing a separate program, and a powerful scripting programming language similar helix C, ‘SALT’ Script Application Language for Telixas well as a simpler scripting language called ‘SIMPLE’ which was suitable for most scripting tasks.

Best thing to do is create a folder called “TM” in the “dos” folder, and put the Telemate files in there. The most important thing here is that you see “OK” repsonses after the “AT” commands issued to the “modem. Views Read Edit View history. Open that file in your favorite text editor Win: If you see the phonebook screen, just hit “ESC” to get to the terminal window. Telkx DOS Telix 3.