The first two albums Fluxion and Aeolian were both great in different ways. The piano, strings and orchestra are all absolutely necessary to the music, and are played skillfully. This is a so innovative in a genre that is defined by brutal vocals, heavy riffs and beats, together with high technical skills. That’s a lot of responsibility for a dude to handle and absolute props for his previous efforts and this opus, Precambrian. Lyrics written by Robin Staps except where noted.

the ocean precambrian album

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Oceanland, Berlinbetween April and July May the slimy goddess be with you!

the ocean precambrian album

It’s longer about an hour ; the songs are longer one is about 11 minutes, a couple are over eight. As a fan of proggy tech-death, I was compelled to get it. If you like The Ocean, you may also like:. Retrieved 21 January In general it’s lighter the first track is a very, very mellow instrumentalbut it does have its heavy moments, and when those come, they kick it up almost as hard as they do on the first disc.

However, the music is so well written and executed that I cannot imagine most progressive metal fans turning away from ghe album.

The Ocean “Precambrian”

Orosirian is a crawling lurching monster of a song almost like slowed down Gojira with melody and a sense of despair that most doom bands would give their left nut for before slowly mutating into an acoustic workout that somehow deviates into a violin and vocal piece with the female vocals buried deep in the mix. The build up from soft to heavy is superbly carried out and the song uses the cello, the viola and the violin allbum startling effect. It is music that has a foot in metal and borrows ideas and themes from the genre but if ever there was a case of a band transcending genres then this is it.


Sulphur English by Inter Arma. ths

The Ocean “Precambrian” | Metal Blade Records

The first song, Siderian, is simply a prelude to album-best Rhyacian, a ten-plus minute colossus that contains everything you could ask for in a progressive metal song, and blends them together seamlessly. Streaming and Download help.

This sense of evil exists only for almost a half hour but the execution of harsh progressive metal, hardcore punk, and sludge metal makes every listen of the first disc enjoyable until the end blast where it’s time to get introduced to atmosphere, oxygen, and life. The first two albums Fluxion and Aeolian were both great in different ways.

It’s a fast, no frills rocker. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Atmospheric progressive Death Metal meets black opera, meets intelligent lyrics about a dying earth and human scum.

THE OCEAN – “Precambrian” 3xLP – 10th Anniversary Edition

After hearing this album and Aeolian, dammit I can’t wait. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 22, go to album. Eoarchaean’s undulating riffs are precambriah headbanging material, and Neoarchaean begins almost like a bluegrass jam, before becoming heavier and heavier, and then running away and into overdrive like a racecar driven by a drunken sixteen-year-old.

the ocean precambrian album

All music written by Robin Staps. The album’s mastering was originally done by Nick Zampiello, but dissatisfied Robin Staps, and it was therefore remastered in Finland. You’ll hear other styles, with some keyboards, a string section and even a cello.


It’s a mix of several different styles, sounding most like a combination of Meshuggah and Mastodon taking the best qualities of both bands and pretty much leaving out any weaknesses. Master Boot Precambrina fires up a monstrously-efficient assembly line, powered by industrial, synth-wave, and hardcore techno.

The Ocean – Precambrian – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

If you like The Ocean, you may also like: This is a songwriter who is utterly fearless when it comes to experimenting and creating a soundscape unlike any other in metal today. ThePhantomnautMarch 11th, Post-metalsludge metalprogressive metal. The piano, strings and orchestra are all hhe necessary to the music, and are played skillfully.

Throw in some lyrics heavy with intelligent social commentary, and you get one excellent album. Lyrically Staps uses poetry by Charles Precabrian and Comte De Lautreamont considered to be the founder of surrealistic poetry along with his own lyrics. I didn’t even get the European version which supposedly has even better art, but the version I have albuum some incredible pictures. The production of the album lasted more than six months after their tour in Europe in late