Thank you very much. Can we have the text of Sahasranamam in Telugu if possible? If this is not OK, I shall promptly remove this feature on receiving an intimation to the contrary from the owners. If anyone knows of software that is simple to use, and that can simultaneously convert from englsih letters to samskRt and tamizh fonts in the same file, kindly let me know. Sunday February 19, I’m very glad that not only can I learn the sloka but also now I know the meaning and history behind it. Monday December 18,

trivendrum sisters vishnu sahasranamam

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Thursday December 09, Its a good info. Thursday March 06, Wednesday April 02, May lord Sri Hari bless you.

trivendrum sisters vishnu sahasranamam

Saturday November 09, I immigrated to the US inwhen I was If second one is correct, could you please modify your document. Nevertheless, it appears to be a very genuine try at propagating Sanatana Dharma, Thanks.

May Gopala bless you sahasranmam everyone concerned with the making of the site. I downloaded the sound version, but it couldn’t play on Media player.


trovendrum Dear Sir, I had no formal learning of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam or any slokas and do not know any meanings before reading from this site. Please send me some info and web site links if you know. Lucky for me to have come to your excellent site through sanskrit links.

I found your site to be very informative, and eye opening. I was always very intrested in learning Vishnu Sahasranama but since I can’t read any language other than English and most of books trivndrum in different languages I was finiding it difficult to learn.

Vishnu Sahasranamam – Trivendrum Sisters Songs

Thank you Prabha Oct. I visit this site everyday for the translations.

trivendrum sisters vishnu sahasranamam

I really do enjoy reading and chanting the manthras as they are beautifully produced in big letters. Tuesday February 04, sahasranammam Monday March 15, As said in bhavgad geeta This is a one and best from of devotion, that provide your best skill and knowledge to gods work without any expectation and bring other people bit by bit closer to the god, A Karma Yoga.

New Trivandrum Sisters Songs – Download Latest Trivandrum Sisters Songs Online on JioSaavn

Sunday November 12, Excellent and Thankyou very much sir. Really a wonderfull websites.


Wednesday April 12, Friday March 05, I visited your website on Sri. I just want to thank you for putting in the effort so that people like me can read,understand and hear the vishnu sahasranama.

It also answered to two of my questions I wahasranamam always, is it of any use to learn the sloka without understanding the meaning and what if I don’t pronounce it right.

Trivandrum Sisters

Could you please tell me which one is correct? I presume the embedding of audio is OK, since this site is non-commercial, without advertisement and serves the needs of Bhaktas. So, your website came as handy. I would like to download Vishnu sahara namam. Friday November 21,