It sounds really handy. Here’s my common question: Could you link me to the Windows UI guidelines you’re referring to? If there is a chat box, then more than 1 player is active. Use the unofficial installer, and double click on the waregkeys.


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So this is essentially a “portable” version of Worms with a non-committal installer? You can download it here: It is a Worms Armageddon update installer.

Worms: Armageddon v3.0 Patch file

I’ve uploaded a new version to http: Downloads 1 today. This is so awesome.


You know, if it doesn’t make the installer too big even the current 1. If anyone manages to get a file from team17’s ftp successfully on real windows, please tell me.

WAPatch.exe – File Properties

Here ya go http: Something you don’t care about apparently, except when it pops up an alert. I don’t really understand the first two suggestions. Also, typing any new text will automatically reset the away message to OFF.


You can always revert to an older version using this page http: Here’s my common question: Wormnet Modifications Improved the screen update refresh of the Wormnet screens. I’ll definitely test the next release if I get time. Hope this will help ; Regards, ADX.

I’d like to have the option of both of those, as well as an option for the current “portable” install. A cd, that would explain it if for some reason it thinks your W: Ok, so this isn’t useful for many people.

2 – (MD5: 1ECAC74DDE8EA3B9B2DAFAC53) – Interactive analysis –

It also got in the “stable” version before I decided I should wappatch.exe an unstable version. Actually, I’d like to know the answer to that question as well.

Added an easy way of sending private messages. Can we have backups, so we can restore the old version if the new one doesnt work. Menu System Modifications Exit button added to the stats screen. Where skill levels didn’t increase if you won, then lost, then restarted and continued. I didn’t even know there WAS a latest patch!


Third-party worms armageddon installer [Archive] – Team17 Forum

Theoretically, running my installer should be identical to copying a W: One comment is, it should display the Beta Licence Agreement, it doesnt seem to I mean, how will fiddler work with it if there’s no registry stuff?

When a client surrendered and quit, the host would crash back to Windows with an error.


That way you can’t possibly get an usable application done in a good timeframe. This project interests me greatly. I hadn’t thought about that Bonz.


I’ve updated my first post to be more clear and renamed the zip file.