If you want to download any of the animals. Breaking News An easy way to make sure you’re not missing out. Without that the game falls a little flat. Zoo tycoon 2 jurassic park dino pack File size: Official content Draco-Rex skinned and meshed by Lord of Worms. Can you walk around as a keeper like in zoo tycoon 2?

zt2 jurassic park

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Last edited by Envy on PM – Dec 18,edited 2 times in total. My first “Zoo Tycoon”-like game was “Jurassic Park: Hi there, I have the Zoo tycoon 2 ultimate collection with all the expansion disks and I want to install the jurassic park dino pack.

Jurassic Park Pack is a fanmade expansion pack based on the It was originally intended to contain fifteen jutassic altogether in two packs.

Let us know what’s going on! Box Lincoln, NE. Can you walk around as a keeper like in zoo tycoon 2? One at2 my favorite ZT2 downloads ever was your Dracorex.

I would have liked to be able to zoom out to see the whole park and zoom in close enough to see more detailed animals. Games like and including “Zoo Tycoon 2 DS” are created for three reasons: There is no way to cause the same level of sheer chaos when letting a velociraptor out of its cage.


Official content Draco-Rex skinned and meshed by Lord of Worms. For younger gamers, this would probably be a good title as no lives are in danger, but for more advanced gamers, you can pretty much do all you want with the game in an afternoon. There are very few of the hooved, boring juraswic animals, and instead there are sea lions, cheetahs, kangaroos and even unicorns.

Zoo Tycoon 2 Jurassic Park Dino Pack

Zoo tycoon 2 jurassic park dino pack File size: Thanks for signing up for The Daily Nebraskan’s e-newsletters. Maybe not dracorex, but those two definitely need to get into fights. The look of the game is cute. Smaller ones are for antisocial guys, like Nodosaurus or Dracorex.


But I still don’t understand how you can put a zookeeper in a cage with three lions and have him be OK. Dinosaur Park – Episode 1: The game includes some mini games that allow you to interact with the animals directly. Tamara Henson Original Creator: Check Your Underwear for Leeches.


zt2 jurassic park

A Freeform game in Zoo Tycoon 2 allows you to create the zoo of your choice, the only restrictions. I like making a Jurassic Park, not a Jurassic Zoo. Episode jurasisc – Dinosaur Park. Dracorex is a species. Pre Archives Pre Archives.

zt2 jurassic park

Zoo Tycoon – Extinct animals: News Updates Get the prak of the day right in your inbox. My take on that game was to build a nice park so I could earn enough credits to get the T-Rex – and then let it out of the cage to eat the tourists.

Zoo tycoon 2 jurassic park dino pack download

A Skin Mod for Zoo Tycoon 2. Blue Tongue Games for models and coding. To learn the intricacies of a business.